President Shinsuke Kuboi

As the company engaged in a information industry,
we value happiness

Why is it that the child when the picture book is seen instinctively makes the face glow? Media and the print are the one to expand person’s idea to the world freely and what makes impressive and joy by telling people information and truth. It is possible to have limitless possibilities by becoming media such as picture book though the ink that will produce a color. Therefore, we Kuboi Ink is ink producer but at same time we are participating in information industry.
From this point of view, the raw material is simply processed when considering about the existence of ink, and the color suitable for people’s needs not only is made but also look toward suitable usage in various feature developments. In order to continue progressing, think what is necessary, what you should do, and proceed with it. I think that it contributes to the development of industry and the whole society. So the responsibility that we should do is by no means small at all. As the one who participate in society, we all responsible and concern for the environment, all consideration to people and correspondence to safeties and the information handling, collection of various topics.
Promote the business while considering all stake-holder, Kuboi Ink might be small power but shows the significance of existence to the society.
The time of printing which just put 4 colors inks on paper is changing. We, for the future people’s happiness, we are going to grope for various possibilities in the future, and to present it to everybody as a product.